Handmade Luxury Leather Hip Flasks

Green Luxury Leather 8oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskHandmade Luxury Leather Hip Flasks which are made right here in the UK make the perfect gift for the person in your life who likes a little sophistication.

So what is a luxury leather hip flask?

Made from the highest quality materials all our luxury leather hip flasks are made here in the UK.  Each stainless steel flask is hand rollTan Luxury Leather 6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flasked
and welded in a factory in the West Midlands.  Mass produced stainless steel hip flasks made in China are produced using hundreds of
moulds where as fine crafted stainless steel flasks like the ones in our luxury leather range are made using separate pieces of metal which are rolled and shaped and then welded together.   The stainless steel part of the flasks are made from food grade stainless steel and have a great weight to them that speaks of quality and good workmanship. The captive top is made from brass and is chrome plated to a brilliant shine. The leather is sourced from sustainable sources and is dyed and patterned by fine leather workers, due to the genuine natural leather some of the animals characteristic like creases, scars, veins and marks on the leather can still be found which tell a story of the life and times of the animal the leather has come from, no two flasks are the same just as no two animals are the same.  This really helps create a luxury product that is always going to be unique.

Ladies Luxury Leather Stainless Steel 4oz Hip Flask with Rose Design

There is something about the feel of these luxury leather hip flask that just oozes quality, coupled with the fact that these gorgeous flasks are made by hand you really get a feel for the amount of time and effort that has gone into the production of each luxury flask.

Luxury leather is not just for men, our range of luxury leather hip flasks also feature a great range of hip flasks for ladies who like to have the finer things in life, whether a small purse size 3oz flask up to the standard 6oz flask we offer a fine range of ladies luxury leather flasks so suit your needs.