Golfing with my Hip Flask


A year ago I wouldn’t have been writing this article, but moving to a new neighborhood has changed my view on golf.
I know that many out there will be shaking there heads thinking why didn’t you get into golf earlier and I confess I never really saw it as a sport I could get to grips with, I really don’t like the clothes and the rules related to said clothes on certain courses.   However after moving to a town in Warwickshire and finding that we have some lovely neighbors, golf was introduced to me.
One of those neighbors I mentioned is an avid golfer, in fact he professes that golf has saved his life by keeping him active, I have no reason to disbelieve this statement and so after his many conversations I thought I’d give it a go.

A quick call to my brother and I had a bag and clubs on loan, my hip flask filled with my favorite dark rum popped in the bag and all I needed was a silly hat and some ridiculous trousers.  Only joking, Bidford Grange golf course has a fairly relax clothing policy and although you do need to wear a collar you don’t need the hat and checkered trousers, pip pip.

I was always fairly ok with pitch and putt as a kid so I picked up the basics relatively quickly however form is a big thing and something that you need to continuously work on, essentially I have great hand to eye coordination but bad form.  After a few rounds I really started to get into the game, as long as you are with nice people and it’s a nice day then I’m quite fine with spending the afternoon walking and hitting (most of the time) the little white balls across the course. Golf uses muscles I didn’t even know I had so although you are not talking about a major work out you are certainly getting some exercise and good movement.
Of course golf is thirsty work and to be honest I always get a bit hungry as well, those bags are not just for clubs you know.  I turn mine into a mobile snack trolley, probably not the done thing but what the hell.  My hip flask sits happily in an outside pocket waiting to see the light of day and I can say there is nothing nicer than having a little sip of your favorite tipple while you are sinking nine holes.  If you golf with a group of people then a hunters flask comes in handy as it is bigger than an standard hip flask and generally comes with some cups for you to share out your liquid refreshment.

A year on and for me the golfing season is just starting, I’m keen but not keen enough to wonder out during the cold winter season.  I have spent some time at the range practicing my swing and trying to get to grips with hitting the ball well (not hard, as I keep being told).  Hopefully this summer will see some improvement and I look forward to getting back out there and giving it a go.  That’s something to drink to, cheers and happy golfing guys and girls.

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