Girly Hip Flask

Girly Hip Flasks are just perfect for the girly girl in your life who just wants to have a bit of fun.  Our range of girly hip flasks are just great for any women who wants to have a bit of fun on their night out while keeping in style at the same time.  We know hip flasks shouldn’t have to be boring, which is why we put this little collection together.

Girly Hip Flask

Girly Hip FlaskThat’s right girls, hip flasks are not just for those mean old boys.  Thankfully and due to popular demand we stock a great range of girly inspired hip flasks that are covered in pink paint, sparkly diamante or luxurious leather.  From our range of fantastic girls night out flasks to our shiny pewter hip flask range that are just waiting to go to a good home, we stock a fantastic range of flasks that are great for you girls.

We know how hard it is to find a hip flask for a women, we know that most hip flasks out there are aimed at men and so we wanted to make sure that women who find themselves looking for that perfect flask have a place to come.  Whether you are looking at wedding favours, a cheeky gift for yourself or that perfect gift for your best friend we have a wide range to chose from and are always happy to Girly Hip Flaskengrave your new flask so it really stands out.

Hip flask engraving is very popular because it means a simple gift turns into something very personal and meaningful, tell someone you love them, thank them or just share a joke with them by getting something personal engraved on your new flask purchase.  We also offer logo engraving if you have a special image that you think might look good engraved on one of your flasks.  So whether you are looking at a girly night out or a weekend away with the girls to a city in Europe, our range of girly inspired flasks are perfect for you and your friends, take a look around our online flask store and see what’s awaiting you.