Flasks for Men

Men love carrying around hip flasks and its no wonder when there are so many great styles to chose from. We stock a wide variety of flasks for men here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company. Our range of flasks for men is comprehensive and offers both text and logo engraving so you can really personalise your flask.  With the added bonus of fast same day shipping on orders placed before 2pm.

Flasks for Men

Flasks for MenWhen it comes to drinking, men have a bit of a monopoly, they tend to drink more than women and tend to spend more time in drinking environments like the local pub or club. Having the perfect accessory when  popping out for a pint is the sure fire way to be the talk of the local and to guarantee you have an emergency drink left at the end of the night for that walk home.

If your looking for the perfect flask for men then browsing our online flask store is a great place to start, with many options including beautiful leather, perfect pewter and sturdy stainless steel flasks that are just perfect for any men in your life who like a wee tipple every now and again.

It doesn’t matter if the man in your life is taking in a show, off to a music festival or just going down the pub for a few drinks with the Flasks for Menlads, he will love to carry a hip flask that has been specially bought and personalised just for him.  Women might have a wide choice in clothing but I think men really win when it comes to a great choice in personal flasks. It’s got to be said that men and hip flasks go together like peas and carrots.

In conclusion, with our range of both pewter hip flasks and quality steel hip flasks we are sure you men with find something that not only fits in your pocket but fits nicely into your life, happy drinking guys.

We hope you find the perfect flask but if you have any questions please feel free to ask away and we will help however we can.  Remember to drink responsibly.