Fishing hip flasks at The Pocket Hip Flask Co UK, we sell a wide range of fishing inspired hip flasks that are just perfect for anyone who loves to fish.  Many of our fishing hip flask are made from high grade English pewter.  We also happily offer some great quality stainless steel fishing hip flasks.

Fishing Hip Flasks

Fishing Hip FlasksWhen it comes to fishing you either love it or you hate it.  If you fall into the category of love then we are sure our great looking fishing hip flasks will go great with the rest of your fishing gear.  I can’t think of anything better than sitting by a nice river or lake on a nice hot day with one of our beautifully crafted hip flasks by your side.   These fishing inspired hip flasks make great gifts for the avid fisherman.  One of our top selling pewter fishing hip flasks is a traditional kidney shaped flask with a stamped image of fisherman catching a large fish.  The top of this flask has a nice engraving area for someone’s name.

One of our other best selling fishing hip flasks is the fishing reel flask.  This round pewter hip Fishing Hip Flasksflask resembles a fishing reel. The front of the flask has the lid and drinking spout and the back has an image of a fisherman catching a prize fish.  This really is a beautiful hip flask and is sure to strike a cord with anyone who likes to fish.

If you like to sound of a round fishing hip flask but the reel really isn’t your style then we have some window hip flasks.  These round pewter hip flasks have a window in the front that shows a bright country scene over laid with a pewter figure.  With so many dimensions to this fishing hip flask we are sure you are going to love it.

Whether you love fishing or know someone who does we are sure are range of fishing hip flasks will make the perfect gift for someone.

Don’t forget that we offer some fantastic engraving fonts so you can personalise your new flask.