English Pewter Hip Flasks

Our English pewter hip flasks are made from the highest quality English pewter, completely lead free and made right here in the UK.  To make sure a high standard is achieved, each of these flasks is hand finished and polished to a perfect shine before it leaves the factory in Sheffield.  These English Pewter Hip Flasks make wonderful gifts and with our fast shipping and engraving service you can receive your flask in good time.

English Pewter Hip Flasks

It’s true to say that English pewter has been in our blood for many a year, we have mined tin (the main component of pewter) for hundreds of years and tin English Pewter Hip Flasksmining in Cornwall was done on an industrial scale until the closes of the tin mines, the last of the mines in Cornwall closed in 2007.  There is talk of reopening some of these mines as tin can still be found there in abundance, however safety issues have been raised and so until these can be resolved the mines remain closed.

English pewter is perhaps the best and most well known pewter throughout the world, we have been producing fine tableware, home ware and gifts from this wonderful and versatile metal for many hundreds of years, although its popularity waned in the 17the century it is now a English Pewter very popular metal and pewter uses are far and wide ranging from producing giftware such as hip flasks, picture frames and jewellery as well as the ever popular tableware.  Due to the ingredients of pewter (mainly tin and copper) items can be produced much more cheaply than its more expensive counterpart silver, this means you can have a beautiful looking piece for a fraction of the price of silver.

All in all English pewter plays a big part in our history, with both mining and our love of well made quality products.  This metal is as fine as silver but far cheaper and easier to work due to its softer characteristic. Our range of English pewter hip flasks showcases the beautiful craftsmanship that can be achieved when working with this fine metal.  We offer both captive and traditional tops in many sizes and styles. All of our English Pewter Hip Flasks can be engraved to make the perfect personalised gift.