Drinking Flask

Drinking flask is another word for the fabulous range of hip flasks we stock, we have hundreds of quality flasks available giving you a wide choice for both ladies and  gentlemen. From stainless steel to fine English pewter we have the lot.

Drinking Flask

For hundreds of years men and women alike have loved partaking in the drinking of alcohol on a social level. When the hip flask really came into it own in the 18th century there was never again the need to go without your favorite tipple.

Our fantastic range of Drinking Flasks incorporates fine English pewter hip flasks and quality stainless steel including some luxury leather stainless steel flasks that are produced right here in the UK.

Drinking flasks also know as hip flasksDrinking Flask and Cups Gift Set have become a popular gift as many people use them today but few are purchased by the actual user.  You tend to find most people who use a hip flask will have in fact been given one as a gift, this then leads to that person looking at this option in the future to gift to someone else.

As drinking flasks have become more popular the styles on offer have increased to incorporate some interesting and inspirational designs.  We currently hold over 350 different styles in stock.  With ranges including English Pewter, Luxury Leather (handmade in the UK), Trixie and Milo American drinking flasks, novelty hip flasks in both stainless steel and pewter, standard leather drinking flasks and many more.  Our range of drinking flasks are always growing so we can offer our customers the best choice anywhere in the UK.Drinking Flask

Our range of quality flasks can be personalised to create the perfect gift that will bring smiles for many years to come.  We offer a wonderful range of engraving fonts that are just perfect for engraving your chosen words onto your Drinking Flask.