Don’t forget your Zippo Lighter!

Gold Dust Classic Zippo LighterIt doesn’t matter whether you are going off down the pub for the night or off on a camping trip the faithful Zippo lighter should always be part of your kit.  For many years the Zippo has remained one item I always leave the house with and I don’t even smoke anymore.  I guess the Zippo was part of my teenage years and I’m reluctant to give that up.  I was a heavy smoker and the old faithful Zippo went everywhere with me from the pub to Glastonbury festival.

So why should you always take your Zippo Lighter?Shiny Chrome Zippo Lighter with Engined Turned Effect
Zippo lighters are small and light weight, they fit into most pockets and are fantastic little items when you need a flame.  Many people going camping in the UK and having a reliable lighter is very important as you don’t want to be caught short when you are in the middle of the woods with no warming fire to cook you tin of beans. Of course a lighter is useful for many other occasions like fishing trips, fire in the garden, BBQ’s and walking holidays, you never know where you might end up and a lighter should be part of your survival package, of course a walk to the local shops doesn’t really call for much of a survival kit.

I used to know a guy that didn’t ever smoke but he always had a Zippo on him in case a friend or even a stranger needed a light for their cigarette, it was a great to start a conversation with strangers and always meant if you had left your lighter at home he could be relied on to help you out.  I should say he was a keen outdoors type and so used his Zippo for camping and fishing but he always kept it on hand just in case. I soon decided it was a great idea and followed suit, now my trusty Zippo always has a place in my pocket.


Zippo lighters are perfect for outdoor situations due to the wind proof lighting ability, I’m not suggesting these babies will light in a force 10 gale but for most circumstances they light first time most of the time and so provide a great for of ignition if you are in desperate need of a warming fire of a cigarette at the end of a hard night on the tiles.

Zippo Lighters have been around since 1932 and the lighting design has not changed since those firsts lighters rolled off the production line, this is a big testament to the quality and craftsmanship of these wonderful lighters.   I never leave home without mine and know it will always be there to help me out if I need it.

So whether you are off camping at a festival, popping into the new forest or even pitching a tent in your back garden, getting a BBQ lit or chain smoking your way through a 20 deck of B&H on a Friday night a Zippo lighter will always be there for you and never let you down, just don’t forget to refill them, they might be good but they can’t run on fumes.

I currently own three Zippo lighters and have had the oldest one for over 20 years, these things really do last a long time if you look after them.  Hip flasks make the perfect accompaniment to these lighters so check out our rage of personalised engravable hip flasks.