Do I Really Need a Hip Flask Funnel?

Stainless Steel Funnel In Gift BoxDo I Really Need a Hip Flask Funnel?
Now this is a question that is often asked when purchasing a hip flask.
The simple truth of the matter is that hip flasks come with very small necks and so very small holes for pouring your favourite tipple.  Its not uncommon for people who do not use a flask funnel to lose a lot of liquid down the side of the flask, this results in a lot of mess and a lot of unhappy flask users, no one likes to waste alcohol.  Alcohol bottles have larger thicker necks and so more liquid comes pouring out of the bottle which has little to no chance of getting into the hip flask but instead spills all over the place, this can be most upsetting and when a leather flask is involved a real pain to clean.

Trying to pour slowly rarely works as people become frustrated quickly and even a little shake of your hand could result in all your precious liquid spilling everywhere. Trust me I’ve done it before and was most upset at the loss of my costly beverage and the time wasted cleaning in the aftermath. There is thankfully a very simple solution, a hip flask funnel is cheap and easy to use.  Just pop the funnel in the top of the flask and pour away, just give the funnel a little lift as you pour to release any air in the flask.

Here are a couple of quick tips when using a funnel to fill your flask:
– Pour slowly, its not a race, unless it is a race then hurry up you’re lagging behind.

– As you pour slightly lift the funnel so any air in the flask can escape up the sides of the funnel as the liquid is added to the flask.  Yes that’s right when adding liquid to any container the air residing in the container has to leave to be replaced with the liquid, don’t you just love science?  If there is no way for the air to leave then you get an airlock. So failing to lift the funnel to release the air could result in an airlock which results in the funnel overflowing and again you’ll have tears to tidy up as well as spilled alcohol.

– Watch what you are doing so you do not over fill your flask.  Yep that’s right when you add liquid to the flask surprisingly it fills up, if you don’t stop pouring then you’re going to have some issues, its surprising how many people just keep pouring until there is liquor everywhere, kept an eye on the level and guess what?  No spilled alcohol.

Stainless Steel FunnelWow so how do I get me one of those funnel things?
You can easily add a funnel to your order from the ‘Add On’ section in the product listing or just pop along to the hip flask accessories section and add your funnel there, now you can sleep at night and not worry about throwing your alcohol everywhere every time you fill your new flask.  forever be sure your alcohol will make it into the flask with out any issues and grab a funnel, our prices start from £1.49 for a stainless steel funnel.

Well guys we hope you have a nice easy time filling your flask from now on, a £1.49 funnel really is worth the price to put an end to all the potential mess of filling your brand new (or long loved) hip flask.

Just remember to drink responsibly.