Cufflinks Always in Fashion

Black Enamel Square Metal Dress CufflinksCufflinks? I can hear you asking, who still wears cufflinks in this day and age any why should you wear them??? I think that cufflinks carry around this stigma that they are only for stuffy old men – so not true! Cufflinks are still very widely worn by men, and women of all ages, quite simply because they are a fantastic accessory.
For those of you that are of the younger generation and have no idea what a cufflink is -basically a cufflink is a piece jewellery, that helps to keep your shirt cuffs fastened.  Most of you will own shirts where the cuffs are fastened by a button right? Well, a cufflink is much more cool and stylish. As long as you have the correct type of shirt then cufflinks can be worn to jazz up any outfit and any occasion.

Cufflinks are seen as a more ornamental alternative to a button which is very true. You may not realise it but, cufflinks come in so many different types and styles, I can think of at least 5 off of the top of my head (we will cover these in a separate page), and can be made out of pretty much any material and I mean pretty much anything – I have seen ones made of recycled plastics before and some made of platinum – of course some are much better than others.

Rectangular Bar Metal Dress CufflinksAnother misconception about cufflinks is that they are to be worn to formal occasions only – this is bull… cufflinks can be worn whenever you like with whatever you like. These days pretty much any shirt can be adapted to take cufflinks. If you are a dab hand at sewing or have someone that can help then all you would need to do is remove the buttons and replace with a buttonhole and Bobs your Uncle, you can now wear cufflinks. If do not have the skill set to be able to convert your shirts then a local seamstress or even tailor should be able to help you with this. Voila, you can now wear cufflinks with your dress shirts and your favourite and most comfortable shirt. I have to say, cufflinks on nice and soft, well worn shirts look pretty amazing.

I have to admit that in the past I have through that cufflinks look pretty fiddly and awkward to wear however, I have learnt that they are dead easy to put on.
To put on a cufflink, all you need to do is
1) ensure that the button holes are aligned – there are different types of cuff that you may come across depending on the style of short that you have. There is the standard single cuffs which you will find o your regular shirts and then there is the double cuff which is for dressier shirts, either way as long as all of the button holes are aligned you should have no issues
2) Insert the cufflink post through the button holes so that it is poking all of the way through the cuff
3) Set the cufflink into its closed position.
There you have it, you are now wearing cufflinks. If you are having trouble doing this one handed then it will be nice and easy for a friend to lend a hand..Gunmetal Strips Rectangle Metal Dress Cufflinks

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we are a big fan of cufflinks which is why we have such a great range for you to choose from. We have cufflink to suit most tastes and even occasions. From plain to patterned, novelty fun and even engravable cufflinks for that special person or occasion.
Cufflinks do not have to be formal (unless you want them to be of course), they can be fun, bright, funky and colourful. We cater for everyone’s preference.
Why not come and see for yourself!