Update 03-06-20

We will be re-opening on the 1st July, although hours will be trimmed back we will still be able to offer our normal service. Items will be available for purchase from Friday 29th June and will be shipped upon opening on 1st July. We look forward to being back and providing the same great service our customers have come to expect.

Closed until further notice

We are currently experiencing an unprecedented situation, not only in this country but around the world and each day seems to bring new unforeseen challenges and developments.

The Pocket hip Flask Company is a family run company which is run by me (Simon), many of my customers know me and know how closing is the last thing I want to do. However due to the current situation the government will only issue help (in the form of the 80% PAYE retention scheme) to people who are not working. Seems crazy but I am the only person working for my LTD company and so I have to close up shop to claim this help from the government. Yep to get help I must close my online business, never have I heard such craziness but there you are. Sales have dropped in light of the current situation and I would love to keep trading so I could carrying on supporting my producers etc, but as sales have dropped I can only pay our mortgage (through my wage) or pay producers for products and not both, as I need a regular supply of products there would be no way to pay my wage (as items sell they need to be replenished but if only a few items are selling I will slowly run out of stock due to the funds not being there to restock). So for the time being we will have to close. To make sure my producers could still pay their bills and their staff I took no wage for March and instead paid off all outstanding invoices to my suppliers. My love goes out to everybody during this time, especially my customers, suppliers and anyone who has been affected by this situation. Good luck and we’ll see you all again when this has blown over.