Corporate Hip Flask Engraving

corporate-hip-flask-logo-engraving-hawks-head-whisky-smokedAt The Pocket Hip Flask Company we work closely with businesses to create wonderful corporate branded hip flasks that are perfect for corporate events and customer giveaways.   By using modern engraving software and our in house engraving service we can produce wonderful logo engraved hip flasks that will turn heads at your next corporate event.

What is a corporate hip flask engraving?

With the use of our diamond drag engraving machine and our modern engraving software we are able to turn most company logos into engravable designs that really come to life when added to a pewter or stainless  steel hip flask.  The technique of diamond drag engraving means that the surface of the hip flask is scratch to form the pattern of the logo, the contrast between the newly scratch design against the plain metal of the flask really brings the logo to life and makes a gift perfect for corporate events.

Can you show me some examples of corporate engraving?

Now we don’t take pictures of all the corporate hip flask engravings as we are more concerned about getting the order completed and out the door but here is a quick look at a couple of flasks we have produced for companies.




How can I get my company logo added to a flask for a corporate event or a one off flask?

If you can provide us with a few details we will be able to get a quote ready for you, the most important thing is for us to make sure the logo you want us to use is engravable.  So please use the contact form found here and fill in the details, please also include the image and we will be able to take a look for you.  If you have taken a look through our website and found a hip flask you would like then please provide the SKU code which is found near the ‘add to basket’ button, please also provide the quantity needed and the country you would like the flasks shipped to.  We offer a wide range of plain hip flasks perfect for logo engraving, from our English made pewter range to our economy range we have everything covered.

Corporate hip flask engraving is made easy with The Pocket Hip Flask Co, we handle any minor editing of the image to make sure it is ready for engraving, we use in house engraving so from the moment you first contact us to the moment you receive your flask you’ll be dealing with one person who will guide you through the process and provide any advice.

If you are looking for hip flask engraving for any corporate event then get in contact and we will be happy to help.