Cool Hip Flasks are what The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK are all about.  Our large range of cool hip flasks will make it hard to know what one to go for.  If there was ever such a thing as too much choice then we are sure our range of hip flasks fits the description.

Cool Hip Flasks

We have a fantastic range of flask that are perfect for people from all walks of life, from our top of the range pewter as well as our luxury leather range down to our mid range high quality steel flasks, we stock everything from cool novelty flasks to special occasion smart flasks perfect for weddings and the opera.

So what Does Cool really Mean?
Cool means that something is ‘awesome’ or ‘great’.
Well that just sums up our cool collection of hip flasks.

Cool Hip FlasksHip flasks are the new cool must have accessory not to be without.  No one knows this more than The Pocket Hip Flask Company. Celebrities love them, wedding parties can’t get enough and I take one to any festival I go along to.
We have a massive selection of hip flasks on our online store ready and waiting to be sent out same day*.  Don’t believe us?  Just take a look around our online store yourself.  We have over 300 cool stainless steel and pewter hip flasks.  These cool hip flasks come in many different shapes and sizes including the famous kidney shaped hip flask to the cushion, slimline and novelty shaped hip flasks.Cool Hip Flasks

Some of our coolest hip flasks are part of our funky American art selection.  These cool unique looking hip flasks are all designed in the USA. Each piece of artwork is original and designed to be proudly shown off on these cool hip flasks.

When we think of a cool hip flask we are of course are not thinking of a cold hip flask but a flasks that looks freaking cool. We think that all our hip flasks are cool.  It’s just a matter of finding the right one for you.  We hope you don’t have too much trouble searching through are great range of cool hip flasks.

You can personalise your new cool hip flask with one of our cool fonts.