Celtic Cross 6oz Pewter Hip Flask with with Captive TopCeltic design really is a classic art form that we feel will never die or go out of fashion, our Celtic flasks just look great and have a wonderful feel to them, the pewter especially takes us back to times long gone when metalsmiths and master jewellers would have spent many hours producing fine pewter and Celtic art inspired items.  People love Celtic art work because it uses interesting and yet sometimes very simple patterns to tell a story of an event, show symbolism, or just display art in its own way.  Celtic Cross for Hip Flasks
Celtic art as we know it today is a modern form of the ancient art, it uses bold lines and usually when drawn involves little or no colour with black being the favoured colour for the design and simple plan backgrounds to really bring to life the art.

Celtic knots are a popular form of Celtic art, these knots are made in an ouroboros style, this means a never ending loop or ring, so a typical example of this would be a serpent eating it’s own tail or a dragon likewise eating its own tail to complete the circle or continuation. Celtic knots are usually complete circles showing or representing life and its continues movement round and round.

Celtic Knot for hip flasksThe use of Celtic art work on hip flasks have been in favour for sometime now as flasks lend themselves well to having pieces of ornate artwork adorned on them.  Of course English pewter is a perfect match with Celtic art as pewter has been around for hundreds of years and so in it self feels right to match with an art form that has been around also for hundreds of years.

The modern age of stainless steel however has also paved the way for many more hip flasks to be produced using modern technology and modern manufacturing methods. Steel is a perfect metal for hip flasks and Celtic art can now be added to these wonderful flasks to give them a brilliant Celtic feel.6oz Shiny Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Oval Celtic Badge

Celtic art should be enjoyed by everyone for what it is, simple yet inspiring art that can take you away to a world that existed before the use of mobile phones and computers, no not the 1980’s but hundreds of years before when times were simpler.  Celtic art can really take you back and inspire you to create and take note of the simple things in life.  We love this style of art and are proud of our range of hip flasks that bring this art form to people who want to share gifts or proudly display this art that has had such a long history here in the United Kingdom.