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Hip Flask Happiness

Hip Flask Happiness - Happily Ever Top Hat 8oz Stainless Steel Hip FlaskHip Flask Happiness

Hip flask happiness is a wonderful thing and can, on occasion, also be described as hip flask smugness. The happiness that I speak of is that feeling of warmth that overcomes you when you take your hip flask out of your pocket, or bag – you take a swig and bam!, just what you need deliciousness. Perfect for those situations when you need a little warming or a little something to soothe your nerves.

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Why sometimes a budget flask is all you need

Why buy a budget flask?

Hip flasks come in all shapes and sizes as well as many different quality types including budget hip flasks. Our budget steel flask is a lighter weight and cheaper alternative to it’s higher quality heavier counterpart, but why do these cheaper flasks have a place in the hip flask market?

budget hip flasksSimply put sometimes people either don’t want to spend the money on expensive flasks. Or,  they are looking at a bulk order for an event or occasion.  A full priced flask is just out of the question for such events as the shear quantity would push the price to unattainable levels. With the budget flask you can have a large order but with a much more reasonable cost.  Now you have to remember that with a lower price comes a lower quality. (Come on you didn’t think you’d get the same high quality for such a low price, did you?). In the case of the budget flask this is evident in the weight as the budget flask is around one third lighter. Also the box is a standard stock box which cuts down on the cost.

Budget flasks are still perfectly functional however so don’t think otherwise. This means you can still load them with your favourite liquor and have a jolly good time, pip pip.

Thankfully, with our extensive range of budget flasks we can cater for most peoples needs. With an in house engraving service including logo engraving you’ll have an affordable flask that can be personalised.

To Sum Up

So to answer the question why buy a budget flask, they don’t break the bank, they can be ordered in bulk and so you can get everyone on your guest list a engraved flask for a very reasonable price.  If on the other hand you are looking to really wow your recipient then please take a look at our pewter flask range or our standard steel flasks.

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Hip Flasks and Horses

Hip Flasks and Horses

Hip Flasks and Horses - Horse Hip FlasksSo, hip flasks and horses – let me be clear, we are not implying that horses use hip flasks here as that would be impossible. Amazing but impossible. What we are saying, is that we have a great range of horse hips flasks here for you at The Pocket Hip Flask Co. Whether you own and ride your own horse or you just have a fondness for the magnificent creatures we have some great hip flasks for you to choose from. In addition to a treat for yourselves our horse themed hip flasks also make wonderful gifts.

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Delightful Vodka Cocktails

5 Delightful Vodka Cocktails

5 Delightful Vodka CocktailsI have heard it said that vodka is a tasteless drink and that it is not a great drink to have in your cupboard – rubbish and so this is why we thought that we would introduce you to 5 Delightful Vodka Cocktails which you may or may not have tried before. Even if you have had these lovelies before, they are sooo good that you will want them again and again and again! Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co HQ, we do love a nice cocktail every now and again!

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Buying a new Hip Flask

So you are buying a new hip flask…..

Buying a new Hip FlaskThere are a few thing to take into consideration when it comes to buying your new tool in the fight against sobriety, the first question is regrading whether the new hip flask is for you or a gift for someone else.

The reason we ask this first as deciding the type of flask really depends on what it is going to be used for.  If you are purchasing this hip flask for yourself then I’m sure you have a idea in mind of the kind of flask that you would really like to own, whereas if you are purchasing for someone else then you don’t have the luxury of knowing what the recipient is after.  If you know the person really well then you will be sure to pick the perfect flask for them, however as often is the case this type of gift is purchased as a retirement gift, birthday present or wedding favours and although you might know the intended recipient you might not know what they like in a flask. Continue reading Buying a new Hip Flask

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4 Best Scottish Hip Flasks

When it comes to the people of Scotland you’ll be hard pressed to find a more passionate bunch of people.  TheScottish-Hip-Flasksy love their country and why shouldn’t they?  Its steeped in history that dates back thousands of years, is a beautiful place and full of people that have a great sense of culture.  We know that when it comes to celebrating being Scottish the Scots love to have a wee  drink and so we are taking a look at some of our great selling Scottish hip flasks.
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Vodka – Production & Distillation

Vodka – Production & Distillation

Vodka Selection - Pocket Hip Flask

Vodka is one of the most favourite alcoholic drinks around the globe. Why? Because it is delicious and crisp!
Fermenting certain grains and fruits so that they produce an intoxicating drink has been around since very ancient times and vodka was one of the earliest liquors to have been made.

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Different Types of Alcoholic Drinks


We all know what alcohol is as most of us have at least tried it at some time in our lives. It is an acquired taste that many people do not like although there are many of us that do. Those of us that do drink,  we all seem to have a favourite type of drink and from there a favourite brand.
There are hundreds upon hundreds of alcoholic beverages to choose from however they are all branded under a few main headings, a few main types if you will;

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