Where To Carry Your Hip Flask

Hip Flasks – Where to Carry Them Once you have made the decision to get yourself a hip flask, the next question is where you intend to carry it. It’s important because not only is it a question of comfort, it also depends on your choice of hip flask.  Some places being more suitable to […]

Advantages of Pewter Hip Flasks

The Advantages of Pewter Hip Flasks Pewter hip flasks add an air of sophistication to your favourite tipple but what are the main advantages to a pewter hip flask? Pewter also known as the 4th precious metal, is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ), Copper and Antimony, pewter has been around since the […]

Advantages of a Stainless Steel Hip Flask

Stainless steel hip flasks have been the main material used to produce hip flasks for many a year now but what are the advantages of buying a stainless steel hip flask? Stainless steel is a great metal which is easy to work, relatively cheap to produce and can be made into food grade steel.  As […]