What can I put in my Hip Flask

What can I put in my Hip Flask?  This is a serious questions that often gets over looked.  No we are not pulling your leg, people try and put all sorts of things in their newly purchased hip flask and this can end in tears if you get it wrong.

Where to carry your Hip Flask – another look at a good question

So ‘where should you carry your hip flask?’ is a great question and one that is often asked. To start with if you decided to give your flask to your loved one to carry in her handbag then I would strongly suggest you make sure your flask is protected with a case, pewter in particular […]

Who are The Worshipful Company of Pewterers?

Within the lovely City of London The Worshipful Company of Pewterers are one of the oldest livery companies around. A livery company? To cut a long story short, a livery company is a company that dates back to medieval times and what was part of a guild. Their guild responsibilities would include those such as […]

What is The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen?

Founded in 1970 The Association of British Pewter Craftsmen (ABPC) was formed with the aim of supporting and advancing the pewter industry here within the UK.  British pewter although once very popular had fallen out of favor perhaps due to the quantity of lead that was being used within the mixture.  The Association of British […]

History of Edwin Blyde Pewterware

Edwin Blyde have been producing fine pewterware since the 18th Century when they were established in 1798, that’s over two hundred years of experience in the manufacturing and production of pewter goods including hip flasks, giftware and tableware.  Edwin Blyde’s main manufacturing has always been aimed at the production of pewterware and after over two […]

Do I Really Need a Hip Flask Funnel?

Do I Really Need a Hip Flask Funnel? Now this is a question that is often asked when purchasing a hip flask. The simple truth of the matter is that hip flasks come with very small necks and so very small holes for pouring your favourite tipple.  Its not uncommon for people who do not […]

Taking your Hip Flask on a Flight

You’re jet setting off to a wonderful location and you think its a great idea to pop your hip flask in your carry on, but what happens when you go through security? We’ve all thought it would be a great idea to take a little drinky poo on the plane but you’re likely to be […]

What’s a Pocket Flask?

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK we sell a large variety of pocket flasks. A pocket flask is a drinks flask that fits comfortably in your pocket.  Also know as a hip flask or spirit flask. The Pocket Hip Flask Company sell many engravable pewter and stainless steel pocket flasks. Pocket flasks have […]

Why not make it a Pewter Flask?

When it comes to thinking of the perfect gift pewter should be at the top of your list.  It has a timeless beauty to it, this wonderful shiny metal is so versatile and with so many great designs you are sure to find the perfect pewter gift that will stand the test of time and make […]

Hip Flask Etiquette

So you could just grab your bottle of liquor and head out the door but not only is this not socially acceptable, drinking in public is frowned upon and in some places there are local laws that ban public drinking.  Better to fill up your hip flask and head out the door with this in […]