How old do you have to be to buy a hip flask?

Hip flasks are the best way to carry your liquor. They are stylish, fit nicely in your pocket and can be a real conversation point at parties, festivals and nights out on the town. A hip flask is especially useful when it comes to celebration events like weddings, stag parties and birthdays. But when it […]

How many shots are in a hip flask?

Hip Flasks come in all shapes and sizes. They are great for taking to a festival, party or just having on you as a back up on a night out. But its hard to know how much a flask can hold as hip flasks sizes are advertised in fluid ounces. We wanted to answer the […]

How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks

How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks Hip flasks are a wonderful thing to have in our life – and this is exactly why we want help you keep them for as long as possible by advising how to look after and store your hip flasks. Many people have hip flasks in this […]

Things you shouldn’t do while using a Hip Flask

Things you shouldn’t do while using a Hip Flask So it would seem that some people think that having a hip flask means you can just carry on as normal or, in some cases become super human – no sirree and so, we thought that we should advise you some of the things you shouldn’t do […]

Buying a new Hip Flask

So you are buying a new hip flask….. There are a few thing to take into consideration when it comes to buying your new tool in the fight against sobriety, the first question is regrading whether the new hip flask is for you or a gift for someone else. The reason we ask this first […]

Where to buy Flask Funnel

Where to buy Flask Funnel So you’ve been given a nice new hip flask and your thinking Where to buy Flask Funnel? Its a common story,  you’ve either lost the funnel or one was not included in the gift box, no need to worry.We know that trying to master the art of pouring your precious […]

Hip Flask – Why do I need one?

Hip Flask – Why do I need one? A Hip flask is an essential bit of kit when it comes to some of life’s events. If the thought of making it through another long wedding ceremony (we should say at this point ‘not your own’), or the thought or watching a child you barely know […]

Uses of Pewter

Pewter has been in use in Britain for many years and its use can be traced back to Roman times, there is however evidence to show that pewter was in use in Egypt around 1400 B.C as a flask was recovered at Abydos that dated back to this time. This wonderful alloy is mainly made […]

What can I put in my Hip Flask

What can I put in my Hip Flask?  This is a serious questions that often gets over looked.  No we are not pulling your leg, people try and put all sorts of things in their newly purchased hip flask and this can end in tears if you get it wrong.

Where to carry your Hip Flask – another look at a good question

So ‘where should you carry your hip flask?’ is a great question and one that is often asked. To start with if you decided to give your flask to your loved one to carry in her handbag then I would strongly suggest you make sure your flask is protected with a case, pewter in particular […]