Hip Flasks a Gardeners Best Friend

Hip flasks are great for some many occasions but I bet you never thought to carry one around when you were gardening. Yes a nice cool glass would be amazing when you are busying around the garden but so you can keep things nice and close you’ll want to have something that can fit into […]

Where can I use my hip flask?

Hip flasks are a great addition for many occasions but there are some places that he humble hip flasks is more welcome or expected than others. For example taking your hip flask to your child’s school sports day would be a big no no, as would taking the flask to your place of work and […]

What is the point of a hip flask?

When it comes to social drinking us Brits love a good drink and a good get together. The British pub is the epicenter of many villages, towns and cities bringing the people together at the end of a long day. There is nothing nicer than having a nice pint of ale or a whiskey over […]

RAF Hip Flasks

RAF Hip Flasks We all know how hard the RAF work and how amazing they are and so, we thought that we would get together a collection of RAF hip flasks for you. The RAF hip flasks that we have here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co are the Official licensed hip flasks. No knock […]

Delicious Brandy

Delicious Brandy In all honesty, for me, Brandy was always an afterthought and never have I preferred to have a brandy over other drinks until…. until a wonderful mini break with my mother-in-law visiting some German Christmas Markets. Gosh this was a few years ago now.. We were in a little town called Rüdesheim which is just […]

Hip Flasks at The Fun Fair

Hip Flasks at The Fun Fair There is a time and a place for your hip flasks and to be honest, we think hip flasks at the fun fair are a yes! I mean why not?! Especially Autumnal fun fairs where the weather can be a little sketchy and somewhat chilly. There is nothing better […]

Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks 9 times out of 10, when you good folk are buying hip flasks you do not have novelty hip flasks in mind. More often than not, a hip flask is purchased with great thought and sentiment as to what you think the recipient might like. Personalised messages and motifs are added to […]

Absinthe Preparation

Absinthe Preparation When it comes to Absinthe preparation, there is a common misconception in the way that it should be done. Many say that it should be done by burning a sugar cube over your glass of absinthe. Now, don’t get me wrong, that one of the ways to prepare the scrummy drink. It is […]

Coloured Hip Flasks Are The New Silver

Coloured Hip Flasks Are The New Silver When most people think of hip flasks, usually they think of the nice silver colour that you see all the time. That is not a problem as the stainless steel and pewter hip flasks that you can buy have the beautiful silver colour that we all love however, […]

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best! Absinthe amongst many others is a very versatile spirit which is why we love absinthe cocktails and want to share with you 5 of the best. We are very fond of absinthe here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co and so, if you are too, we know that […]