5 Delicious Bourbon Drinks

Some of you may be surprised but there are so many different ways in which you can drink bourbon… yes, there really is not just over ice or with coke but lots of really yummy ways. Keep reading and I will tell you some of them. Only some mind or we will be here all day……

The Production Process of Bourbon

It seems that there are quite a few specific requirements when it comes to brewing bourbon. I say brewing I think it is called distilling and fermenting.

Bourbon – Sweet Nectar for your Hip Flask

Mmmmm bourbon, next to rum, is my favourite tipple for my hip flask. I used to think, very naively, that bourbon was bourbon and that once you had tasted one, you had tasted them all. I can hear you all tutting now and rolling your eyes. I have been educated my friends don’t you worry.

Rum – 5 Yummy Ways to Drink it!

There are many ways in which you can drink your rum all depending on the style that you have or like the most. As you may have guessed from previous articles we like our Rum here at Hip flask HQ and so, we thought that we would share with you our favourite ways to drink […]

Rum – Different Grades and Production

When I was younger I just assumed that rum was rum. How wrong was I. What I know now that I didn’t know then is that there are many different types of run ranging through from light, clear rum to dark almost black rum. As well as there being lots of different types of rum, […]

Rum – A Wonderfully Tasty Filler For Your Hip Flask

I have to admit that rum is by far, hands down my favourite liquor. Drunk on the rocks, straight, with a mixer or in a cocktail, it is all delicious. Dark rums are without question the best (in my opinion) followed by spiced rums and then white rums. Through the years my mind changes, I […]