Drinking Cultures Around the Globe

Nearly every country and civilisation has discovered a way of brewing, fermenting and distilling.  Through the years they way that the methods of making alcohol have changed and many beverages are now made in the same ways around the globe. Some  countries of course have alcoholic drinks that are made specifically by them and using […]

5 Delicious Whiskey Drinks

For many, when whiskey is mentioned, most people assume that it is drunk on the rocks aka over ice or just straight up with a dash of water. Depending on the type of whiskey that you have, some are made to be drunk that way but, because whiskey is so versatile, there are so many […]

History of Alcohol

Well goodness me – it would seem that no-one really actually knows who invented alcohol and when it was invented. There is much speculation, however,  it dates back so long , around 9,000 years or so. A time in which I cannot imagine that when a discovery was made, the first thing that they did […]

Whiskey – Distillation and Different Types

  Whiskey is such a favourite tipple these days that it is made all around the globe. It is a huge favourite for our choice of hip flask fillers. Do you carry a whiskey flask? Much like many different liquors, there are different types and classes of whisky and all are dependent  on many different […]

Amber Nectar for your Whiskey Flask

For some, whiskey is the marmite of the alcohol world. Either you love it or you hate it. I don’t think that I have ever heard anyone sate that whiskey is ok. It’s either ooh I love it or, no can’t stand it. Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company we of course love it!

What is Moonshine?

Moonshine has known many names over the years – homebrew, hooch and white liquor just to name a few – however, I think that the most well known is moonshine. You say moonshine to someone and they usually think of a strong and potent white liquor which in most cases is very illegal!  

Bootlegging and the Prohibition

To bootleg or to be a bootlegger means that you are trading in illegal wares, especially alcohol. The term bootleggers came about in King George III reign and was the nickname given to smugglers that would hide illegal packages in their large boots – hence the name bootleg. There are 2 terms for bootlegging. You […]

5 Popular Gin Cocktails

Gin is one of the most popular drinks in cocktails. A well loved drink that can be mixed in so many delicious ways, we are fast becoming fans of after dinner gin drinkies. There seems these days to be a gin drink that can suit any mood and most people’s tastes.

Gin – Production Methods and Definitions

It would seem that like the many flavours of gin, there are many production and distillation methods. Here was me thinking there would just be one way to make the lovely stuff. Wrong!    

Gorgeous Gin for your Hip Flasks

You have heard of the term Dutch courage right?? Well, you have gin to thank for that…..it is claimed that English soldiers drank it to calm their nerves when offering support against the Spanish in Antwerp. Although back then, it was a slightly different variation called Jenever which just so happen to be Dutch for […]