Delicious Brandy

Delicious Brandy In all honesty, for me, Brandy was always an afterthought and never have I preferred to have a brandy over other drinks until…. until […]

Absinthe Preparation

Absinthe Preparation When it comes to Absinthe preparation, there is a common misconception in the way that it should be done. Many say that it […]

Absinthe Production

Absinthe Production   Fast growing in popularity, Absinthe is most certainly and acquired taste for many. Some love it (The Pocket Hip Flask Co included), […]

Absinthe – An Acquired Taste

Absinthe – An Acquired Taste Absinthe is a deliciously tasty spirit which is most certainly an acquired taste. Like Marmite, you either love it or […]

History of Vodka

Vivacious Vodka for your Hip Flask Some say that Vodka is both flavourless and has no smell however, I think that there are many of […]