Delicious Brandy

Delicious Brandy In all honesty, for me, Brandy was always an afterthought and never have I preferred to have a brandy over other drinks until…. until a wonderful mini break with my mother-in-law visiting some German Christmas Markets. Gosh this was a few years ago now.. We were in a little town called Rüdesheim which is just […]

Absinthe Preparation

Absinthe Preparation When it comes to Absinthe preparation, there is a common misconception in the way that it should be done. Many say that it should be done by burning a sugar cube over your glass of absinthe. Now, don’t get me wrong, that one of the ways to prepare the scrummy drink. It is […]

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best! Absinthe amongst many others is a very versatile spirit which is why we love absinthe cocktails and want to share with you 5 of the best. We are very fond of absinthe here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co and so, if you are too, we know that […]

Absinthe Production

Absinthe Production   Fast growing in popularity, Absinthe is most certainly and acquired taste for many. Some love it (The Pocket Hip Flask Co included), and other despise it. After being banned in so many countries, Absinthe peaked curiosity in many when the ban was lifted. Banned because it became associated with violence and anti-social […]

Absinthe – An Acquired Taste

Absinthe – An Acquired Taste Absinthe is a deliciously tasty spirit which is most certainly an acquired taste. Like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it. Personally I love it! It has such a unique flavour that it truly is delicious. It probably helps that it is made from some of my favourite […]

Delightful Vodka Cocktails

5 Delightful Vodka Cocktails I have heard it said that vodka is a tasteless drink and that it is not a great drink to have in your cupboard – rubbish and so this is why we thought that we would introduce you to 5 Delightful Vodka Cocktails which you may or may not have tried before. […]

Vodka – Production & Distillation

Vodka – Production & Distillation Vodka is one of the most favourite alcoholic drinks around the globe. Why? Because it is delicious and crisp! Fermenting certain grains and fruits so that they produce an intoxicating drink has been around since very ancient times and vodka was one of the earliest liquors to have been made.

History of Vodka

Vivacious Vodka for your Hip Flask Some say that Vodka is both flavourless and has no smell however, I think that there are many of us out there who would disagree. Personally I think it has both but maybe that’s because I’ve never consumed an expensive vodka. For me I can certainly taste it and […]

5 of The World’s Best Drinking Cultures

To have a good drinking culture, it really does have to be more about quality over quantity and more than getting absolutely sloshed and befuddled. It has to be about fun, tradition, a sense of occasion. Yes we have all been three sheets to the wind at some point however, it is not about that […]

Different Types of Alcoholic Drinks

We all know what alcohol is as most of us have at least tried it at some time in our lives. It is an acquired taste that many people do not like although there are many of us that do. Those of us that do drink,  we all seem to have a favourite type of […]