Can you put water in a hip flask?

Can you put water in a hip flask?


So you have a nice new hip flask and you want to know what liquid you can pop in your flask. We get this question quite a lot as people want to know if they are able to add more than just alcohol to there flask. Reusable water bottles don’t always look great and a hip flask is made to fit into a pocket with a lot more ease than more other liquid containers. So lets find out if you can put water in a hip flask.

Can you put water in a hip flask?

6oz-Burgundy-Luxury-Leather-Stainless-Steel-Hip-FlaskHip flasks are the perfect container for carrying liquid. They are made to be slim so can fit into a variety of pocket sizes or handbags. However there are a few things you should know before filling up.

We will cover the burning question about water first. Of course you can keep water in your flask, it doesn’t matter if you are talking stainless steel or pewter. Both are perfectly fine for storing water. You just need to follow the simple rule of washing out after use and not keeping any liquid in the flask for a prolonged period of time to prevent the water from going stale. Some people actually prefer to use a hip flask for carrying water as it fits into their pocket a lot more discreetly than a big old 500ml reusable bottle.

What about other liquids?

-Acidic drinks
Hip flasks are not made to store acidic liquids like fruit juices. There is no plastic coating on the inside of the flask to protect it from acidic reactions. Although you could probably get away with using the flask with acidic liquids for a small amount of time we would never recommend doing so as it is likely to damage the flask in the long term. Pewter hip flasks in particular would not work well with acidic liquids and you could end up tarnishing the flask and thus ruining the look.

-Fizzy drinks
Your new hip flask was pressure tested at the factory but that pressure test was for the storage of none fizzy liquids. This means if you were to add a fizzy liquid like cola, or soda water to your hip flask you are going to adding pressure that he flask is not made to hold. Hip flasks are produced to predominantly hold hard liquor like Whiskey or Vodka. They are not produced with high pressure in mind so our advice if you don’t want to damage your new flask is to steer clear of anything fizzy.

-Hot drinks
You might think that adding a not drink like Gluhwein, loaded coffee or mulled wine is a cracking idea. After all on a cold winters day there is nothing better then a wee sip of  a nice hot drink to warm your insides. However hip flasks are not made with heat in mind as they only a one wall design. This means that when you add your hot liquid that heat transfers straight to the metal making it impossible to hold. Now even if you have a cover for your flask it is still not a good idea to fill it with hot liquid. Two main reasons for this are to start with; when you try and drink from the metal spout you’re liable to burn your lips. The second is pressure related; steam builds in a confined space and so you run the risk of ruining your flask and blowing it out with too much pressure. Better to just stick to cold drinks and buy a thermos for your hot toddy.

If you are looking for a nice new hip flask then you’ve come to the right place as we stock a wide variety of stainless steel and pewter flasks perfect for gifts or if you’re looking to treat yourself.