Buying a new Hip Flask

So you are buying a new hip flask…..

Buying a new Hip FlaskThere are a few thing to take into consideration when it comes to buying your new tool in the fight against sobriety, the first question is regrading whether the new hip flask is for you or a gift for someone else.

The reason we ask this first as deciding the type of flask really depends on what it is going to be used for.  If you are purchasing this hip flask for yourself then I’m sure you have a idea in mind of the kind of flask that you would really like to own, whereas if you are purchasing for someone else then you don’t have the luxury of knowing what the recipient is after.  If you know the person really well then you will be sure to pick the perfect flask for them, however as often is the case this type of gift is purchased as a retirement gift, birthday present or wedding favours and although you might know the intended recipient you might not know what they like in a flask.

Hip flask for someone else

Our advise is to keep it simple, simple tends to mean you can provide a perfectly well thought out gift that is suitable for any person and goes with any outfit.  Our range of plain hip flasks are perfect for this job, they offer a great space to add something personal in the form of engraving (whether it is text or a logo) and provide a clean and crisp look that will suit most people down to the ground.  With the popular plain 6oz pewter hip flask and the plain 6oz brushed stainless steel flask being very popular.

plain 6oz pewter hip flask
plain 6oz pewter hip flask
Pewter or Stainless Steel flasks?
plain 6oz brushed stainless steel flask
plain 6oz brushed stainless steel flask

This question can really be answered by asking; How much do you want to spend?
Pewter hip flasks are that little bit more expensive as it is a precious metal and all these flasks are handmade here in the UK which makes each and every flasks slightly unique.  Pewter is a softer metal and so will pick up scratches easier but this really just adds to the item as it will tell a story of it’s use.  These flasks make great gifts for wedding favours or gifts for special people in your life.  If you intend on presenting your gift (e.g at a retirement do, wedding etc) then you can upgrade to one of our satin lined presentation boxes to really make your gift stand out.

Stainless steel hip flasks are a great option as it is a harder metal and so more rugged that it’s pewter counterpart making steel the perfect choice for people who have a more active life or are likely to drop their new flask on a heavy night out. Thankfully we offer a wide choice of steal flasks that are perfect for both men and women.

What should I have engraved?

People are not always sure what the best messages are when it comes to personalising a hip flask. We can offer some advise here although please remember that this is a personal gift that is coming from you and so in most cases the person receiving said gift will be thankful that you made the effort (well they should anyway).  Keeping it simple is the best way to go as simple things tend to work really well. So the Initials of the intended recipient, a brief message including the recipients name or just the recipients name are very popular options along with thank you messages and birthday messages (Happy 50th Birthday etc).

At the end of the day this is a personal gift so you can really say what you want and we will engrave it, just keep in mind that if you want to write a whole story we will have to change you more as it take longer on the machine.

Logo Engraving

So you read just now that we can do logo or image engraving?  This is a great way to really personalise your new flask.  Our bespoke logo engraving service offers you the choice to have a logo or image engraved straight onto the surface of the flask.  This really brings the flask to life and is the ultimate personalisation. Take a look at our logo engraving page to get some ideas.