Boot flasks get their name from the bootlegging days of the 1920’s.  Alcohol flasks were banned and so anyone carry a flask of alcohol had good reason to hide it, often their flasks ended up in their boot and so the boot flask was born, it is also where the name bootlegging came from.  Our range of pewter slimline boot flasks are very stylish and fit well into your pocket or if you prefer, your boot.

Boot Flasks

Boot FlasksMade from wonderful English pewter these boot flasks are made to be slimmer than normal flasks although slightly longer.  Perfect for Boot Flasksfitting into a tight pocket or handbag these flasks make for wonderful drinking partners.  As with many of our flask styles we try and provide a wide range of options so you can have a great choice when it comes to buying a gift that will really make someone happy.

This style of hip flask is great for both men and women, providing a superb option when thinking of wedding gifts, birthdays or anniversaries. From plain and shiny to Celtic patterned these boot flasks come in many designs that bring style and function into a new age, OK maybe not quite so dramatic but they are pretty nice looking hip flasks.

As with most of our flasks we offer a personalised engraving service so you can turn your gift into something very special that will make a big impact when gifted.