Boating-with-my-hip-flaskBoating is popular the world over as a leisure activity that can be both relaxing or highly exhilarating depending on the type of boat you choose to take to the water. I like most men do love a good fast ride on a jet powered boat, however when I think of taking to the water nothing pleases me the most then thinking of getting onto a nice yacht that can gently sail around the coast.  These wind powered yachts are great for taking in the sights, as long as you have a competent captain aboard and your trusty hip flask.

But don’t worry if you’re like me and don’t happen to have a boat sitting around in it’s berth waiting to be taken out,  you can hire boats all along our coast line and in particular the Solent is a brilliant place to set sail. With the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth and Southampton waiting to be viewed from the bow of the boat you’ll have a lovely time whiling away the hours sipping from your hip flask.  Often referred to as one of the most expensive stretches of water in the world due to the high ticket prices to cross to the Isle of Wight the Solent is also a very beautiful and popular stretch of water that has many races throughout the year, there are also the intriguing forts that date back over 150 years, one of which is now a luxury hotel.


What drink best suits sailing?
Well I have to confess the one drink that pops to my mind first is rum.  When you think of rum you think of the beautiful Caribbean with it’s lovey clear waters and sandy beaches, you also think of pirates and sailing the seven seas in search of some booty (just to be clear we mean gold and silver).  Rum and sailing seem to go had in had, Navy Rum was actually named so because a fleet of British ships captured Jamaica in 1655 and after finding the dark rum they swapped out the French brandy they had on board as the flavour of the rum was more favorable, it’s not just captain Jack who likes a nice rum.
6oz Pewter Boating Hip Flask
Stainless steel hip flasks are perfect for sailing, they are very durable and can take some light knocking which is inevitable to happen as the boat takes to the waves. Of course there is nothing stopping you from taking a pewter flask with you when you cast off so we have a couple of boat themed pewter flasks that look perfect on open water, pewter is a lovely metal but it is softer than stainless steel and so will scratch easier.

If your planning on doing some serious sailing then go steady with your hip flask as the Solent is a busy place.  Sailing is a great past time and when the sun is shining and the waves are calm there is nothing better then relaxing on deck with your flask in hand and friends to boot.   Stay safe everyone and please drink responsibly.