Coloured Hip Flasks Are The New Silver

Coloured Hip Flasks Are The New Silver When most people think of hip flasks, usually they think of the nice silver colour that you see all the time. That is not a problem as the stainless steel and pewter hip flasks that you can buy have the beautiful silver colour that we all love however, […]

Hip Flask Happiness

Hip Flask Happiness Hip flask happiness is a wonderful thing and can, on occasion, also be described as hip flask smugness. The happiness that I speak of is that feeling of warmth that overcomes you when you take your hip flask out of your pocket, or bag – you take a swig and bam!, just […]

Why sometimes a budget flask is all you need

Why buy a budget flask? Hip flasks come in all shapes and sizes as well as many different quality types including budget hip flasks. Our budget steel flask is a lighter weight and cheaper alternative to it’s higher quality heavier counterpart, but why do these cheaper flasks have a place in the hip flask market? […]

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best

Absinthe Cocktails – 5 of the Best! Absinthe amongst many others is a very versatile spirit which is why we love absinthe cocktails and want to share with you 5 of the best. We are very fond of absinthe here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co and so, if you are too, we know that […]

How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks

How To Look After & Store Your Hip Flasks Hip flasks are a wonderful thing to have in our life – and this is exactly why we want help you keep them for as long as possible by advising how to look after and store your hip flasks. Many people have hip flasks in this […]

Absinthe Production

Absinthe Production   Fast growing in popularity, Absinthe is most certainly and acquired taste for many. Some love it (The Pocket Hip Flask Co included), and other despise it. After being banned in so many countries, Absinthe peaked curiosity in many when the ban was lifted. Banned because it became associated with violence and anti-social […]

Hip Flasks at Home

Hip Flasks at Home Most people think that hip flasks are just for those days when you are out and about however, that it not quite true. Although true for some, many of us actually use our hip flasks at home too. us guys at Pocket Hip Flask included. Believe it or not, they make […]

Hip Flasks and Horses

Hip Flasks and Horses So, hip flasks and horses – let me be clear, we are not implying that horses use hip flasks here as that would be impossible. Amazing but impossible. What we are saying, is that we have a great range of horse hips flasks here for you at The Pocket Hip Flask […]

Hip Flasks Engraved

Hip Flasks Engraved Because we know how special your personal gifts and mementos should be, here with us you can have your hip flasks engraved. Within reason you can have pretty much anything on the flasks; text for those personal messages and reminders and, we can even engrave logo for you if you have an […]

Hip Flasks for The Ladies

Hip Flasks for The Ladies Once upon a time, it used to be that hip flasks were just for the gents – not anymore which is why we have hip flasks for the ladies too. Gentlemen used to carry their treasured hip flasks around in the inside pockets of their coats or their dinner jackets. […]