Steampunk – What Is It, and How Can You Rock It?

The term ‘steampunk’ was first coined in the 80s and the movement is still going strong. For many, it’s a way of life. Here’s our guide to steampunk – the clothes, the attitude and the accessories.

Hip Flasks for Weddings – a Gift Guide

Hip Flasks for Weddings – a Gift Guide Whether for the hens, the stags, or gifts on the day, personalised hip flasks make a great gift choice for weddings. Here’s our guide to the perfect hip flasks for the perfect day… Hip flasks for the happy couple

Love, Magic and a Sweet Potion on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s may sometimes seem like just another commercial holiday. Still, there’s no denying that our loved ones enjoy being treated on this special day! But did you know that in Wales, they get a head-start on Valentine’s Day by celebrating their own patron Saint of love, Dwynwen?

Rihanna Swigs from Hip Flask at Grammys 2017

Rihanna Hip Flask at Grammys Proving as always that hip flasks are always in fashion the pop diva snuck a diamond encrusted hip flask into the adwards.  Well we say snuck but I’m sure she was probably allowed. We all know how tedious award ceremony’s can be (not that I’ve been invited to one) especially […]

Cufflinks Always in Fashion

Cufflinks? I can hear you asking, who still wears cufflinks in this day and age any why should you wear them??? I think that cufflinks carry around this stigma that they are only for stuffy old men – so not true! Cufflinks are still very widely worn by men, and women of all ages, quite […]

Hip Flask for Camping

Hip Flask for Camping Hip flasks are great for so many situations. There aren’t many situations where a hip flask is not a good idea. Don’t get me wrong, there are some I can think of but we trust you guys.. It’s got to be said that in the UK, we love getting back to […]

Hip Flask Revival

With the love of hip flasks being a huge thing right now, you may have noticed that a hip flask revival is fast underway in the UK. People are  finding an ever increasing number of designs to suit almost any situation which means that these days, there is a hip flask to suit anyone and […]

Hip Flask Crazy

If there is one thing that is certain about us here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co and that would be the fact that we are crazy about hip flasks. We love absolutely everything about them – what’s not to love. Hip Flasks enable you to carry your favourite tipple around with you, at all […]

A Hip Flask isn’t just for Christmas

A Hip Flask isn’t just for Christmas Our oh-so popular Christmas Jumper Hip Flasks make for the perfect Christmas gift. Please remember however that just because these stainless steel hip flasks come with a nice knitted Christmas jumper, it doesn’t mean that they are not also perfect for other times of the year too. Last […]

Hip Flasks for Skiing

Hip flasks are a very versatile item and can be used in most situations (within reason guys, lets not go out driving with one).  Many people who hit the slopes contact us about getting a flask for when they go off piste. That’s off piste guys not off pissed! Hip flasks are perfectly shaped to […]