How old do you have to be to buy a hip flask?

Hip flasks are the best way to carry your liquor. They are stylish, fit nicely in your pocket and can be a real conversation point at parties, festivals and nights out on the town. A hip flask is especially useful when it comes to celebration events like weddings, stag parties and birthdays. But when it […]

Can you put water in a hip flask?

  So you have a nice new hip flask and you want to know what liquid you can pop in your flask. We get this question quite a lot as people want to know if they are able to add more than just alcohol to there flask. Reusable water bottles don’t always look great and […]

How many shots are in a hip flask?

Hip Flasks come in all shapes and sizes. They are great for taking to a festival, party or just having on you as a back up on a night out. But its hard to know how much a flask can hold as hip flasks sizes are advertised in fluid ounces. We wanted to answer the […]

Hip Flasks and Chess

Hip Flasks and Chess Many people might say that hip flasks and chess don’t really go together. Wrong! Well in my opinion anyways.. Chess is a social game and a thinking game and so sometimes a wee dram can help.. Many an evening have Simon and I sat up with a glass of wine or […]

RAF Hip Flasks

RAF Hip Flasks We all know how hard the RAF work and how amazing they are and so, we thought that we would get together a collection of RAF hip flasks for you. The RAF hip flasks that we have here at The Pocket Hip Flask Co are the Official licensed hip flasks. No knock […]

Delicious Brandy

Delicious Brandy In all honesty, for me, Brandy was always an afterthought and never have I preferred to have a brandy over other drinks until…. until a wonderful mini break with my mother-in-law visiting some German Christmas Markets. Gosh this was a few years ago now.. We were in a little town called Rüdesheim which is just […]

Hip Flask Bangles

Hip Flask Bangles Boy do we have something special for you lovely ladies with our new range of hip flask bangles. Gone are the days when you have to take a handbag with you everywhere you go just so you can carry your hip flask  with you. With our hip flask bracelets no baggage is […]

Hip Flasks at The Fun Fair

Hip Flasks at The Fun Fair There is a time and a place for your hip flasks and to be honest, we think hip flasks at the fun fair are a yes! I mean why not?! Especially Autumnal fun fairs where the weather can be a little sketchy and somewhat chilly. There is nothing better […]

Novelty Hip Flasks

Novelty Hip Flasks 9 times out of 10, when you good folk are buying hip flasks you do not have novelty hip flasks in mind. More often than not, a hip flask is purchased with great thought and sentiment as to what you think the recipient might like. Personalised messages and motifs are added to […]

Absinthe Preparation

Absinthe Preparation When it comes to Absinthe preparation, there is a common misconception in the way that it should be done. Many say that it should be done by burning a sugar cube over your glass of absinthe. Now, don’t get me wrong, that one of the ways to prepare the scrummy drink. It is […]