The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK sell some pretty awesome hip flasks.
Our range of hip flasks includes fine English pewter as well as funky American art stainless steel hip varieties.  We currently stock over 350 hip flasks in our online store and are always looking to add more great stock so our customers have a fantastic range to choose from.

Awesome Hip Flasks

So you are looking for a flask and you don’t just want any old boring one, you want an awesome hip flask.
We are sure we have what you are looking for.  Our massive range of both pewter and stainless steel hip flasks come in an awesome array of sizes, colours, shapes and styles.  From heart shaped to the classic kidney shaped we offer a great range so you can really find the one you are after.

A quick look at some of our Awesome Hip Flasks:

Awesome Hip Flasks
Awesome Arty Flask

American Art Awesome Hip Flasks

We sell 80 different American art inspired stainless steel hip flasks.  These awesome hip flasks are all designed in Oregon by the fabulous due Trixie and Milo.
Each awesome hip flask has funky artwork on the front and a nice clear back ready for engraving.  These flasks are inspired by the ads at the back of comic books as well as the advertising boards found by the side of the freeways. The flasks really stand out and add an element of funk to your life.



Awesome Hip Flasks
Awesome Luxury Leather Flask

Awesome Luxury Leather Hip Flasks

So you like the finer things in life.  Who doesn’t?  These luxury leather stainless steel hip flasks are just awesome.  They are all handmade in the UK and are made from high quality luxury leather.  The stainless steel is a high grade steel with a lovely weight behind them so you really feel the quality.
We sell both male and female luxury leather hip flasks that come in many awesome colours and styles.

Awesome Hip Flasks
Awesome Pewter Flask

Awesome Pewter Hip Flasks

The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK are proud of it’s ever growing range of awesome English Pewter Hip Flasks.  English pewter is shiny, non toxic and looks awesome when its engraved with either personal text or a company or fun logo.
Our range of pewter hip flasks includes cushion, round, kidney and slimline shaped.  We sell both captive and non captive tops.

Personalise your new awesome hip flask with one of our free engraving fonts.