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Where to buy Flask Funnel

Where to buy Flask Funnel.  So you’ve been given a nice new hip flask but you’ve either lost the funnel or one was not included in the bFlask Funnelox. Trying to master the art of pouring your precious liquid straight from the bottle into the tiny hole in the neck of your flask is something of a challenge and most of the time results in lost liquor.  Better to just buy a flask funnel and have done with it.  Here are our current selections on stock now.
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What is a Flask?

What is a Flask? Is a common question and one that can be answered quite simply.  6oz Stainless Steel Cushion Hip Flask with Captive Top
A flask is usually a sealed container which is made to hold and store liquid.  Some flasks are double walled and made to hold both hot or cold liquids.  Hip flasks are made to hold alcohol for a brief period of time, usually no longer than a couple of days, these containers are single walled and have no thermal properties. Of course if you are looking to carry some radioactive nuclear waste then always opt for the lead-lined flask which is also another type of flask not widely used by the average drinker, although after a night out it might feel like you were drinking nuclear waste.
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Pewter Hip Flasks and why they make the perfect gift

Pewter Hip Flasks are wonderfully make gifts and make the perfect item to give to a loved one, friend or work college. Celtic Pattern 6oz Pewter Hip Flask with captive top
Pewter has been produced in Britain for many years.  This precious metal is often forgotten but should definitely be on your list when it comes to interesting and unique jewellery or in our case great looking hip flasks.

Lets set the record straight right now, pewter did at one point have high levels or lead, it was cheap and so was used to help fill out the metal.  Of course we all know that lead is in fact poisonous to use humans and so pewter fell out of fashion and rightly so.  Nowadays pewter is produced lead free, this means items like cutlery, table wear and hip flasks can be made from pewter without the threat of killing off the customers, that’s always good news I’m sure you’ll agree.
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Hip Flask – Why do I need one?

4oz-Two-Thirds-Hammered-Pewter-Hip-Flask-with-Captive-TopA Hip flask is an essential bit of kit when it comes to some of life’s events.
If the thought of making it through another long wedding ceremony (we should say at this point ‘not your own’), or the thought or watching a child you barely know get christened (also now known as naming ceremonies for the non religious) then a hip flask should probably be on your list of things to carry with you.

There is nothing better than having a wee swig when you’re sitting at the top of a mountain ready to throw yourself down it on your chosen method, a bit of Dutch courage to get you ready for the downward journey really helps and is a great reward for having the balls to fling yourself down the side of a mountain at 50mph on nothing more than a plank of wood.
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Hip Flasks for Halloween

Its coming up to that time of year again when people wear costumes can try and scare the living crap out of each other.  Yes that’s right its valentines day, no all jokes aside it’s nearly Halloween. The kids go trick or treating and the adults find late night parties to venture to.  Well if you are off to a Halloween party this October then don’t forget to get your scary Halloween hip flask sorted.
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When do people use hip flasks?

3oz-Slim-Line-Pewter-Boot-Hip-Flask-with-Celtic-SerpentThe use of hip flasks has really taken off again at the moment.
We are not suggesting that people are drinking more, in fact I believe that people are generally drinking less. But where and how people are drinking plays a big part in the use of a hip flask. From weddings to group days out the humble pocket flask is here to stay as it provides a great conversation point and makes a great gift for friends and family members.
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Pewter Hip Flasks Classis Kidney Shaped


Kidney shaped pewter hip flasks4oz-Two-Thirds-Hammered-Pewter-Hip-Flask I have to say our one of our biggest ranges because they are just so popular. I think that the reason for this is that they are more the traditional style and shape that you would find that maybe your great, great grandfather, or grandmother, would have had back in the day.

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Vivacious Vodka for your Hip Flask


Some say that Vodka is both flavourless and has no smell however, I think that there are many of us out there who would disagree. Personally I think it has both. You can certainly taste it and you can most certainly smell it . I am not saying that this is a bad thing however as I am rather partial to a nip of vodka on occasion 🙂

Vodka is a distilled liquor that is made from cereal grain or potatoes that have been fermented however, some modern brands make theirs from fruits or sugars.

Traditionally drunk neat and served chilled, over the years it has evolved, especially in places like the UK and the US has been drunk with varying mixers such as coke, cranberry juice and even orange juice and tomato juice. It is also commonly used in many tasty cocktails but we will cover that off later 🙂

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