An Alcohol Flask is a great way to carry your alcohol but in a stylish and interesting way.  Also known as a hip flask, alcohol flasks have been around in one form or another for hundreds of years and due to social acceptance have become very popular. Our range of flasks have been selected so our customers have a wide choice in both English pewter and stainless steel.

First of all alcohol has been around for many thousands of years and was thought to have been discovered by accident at around 9000 years ago, Alcohol Flaskhowever there is no specific date written down in the history books regarding the actual date alcohol was first discovered so we have to take everything with a pinch of salt (or drop of alcohol).

What is clear, is the discovery of alcohol was to ever change the way we stored and drank water.  Weak ales or wines were often produced using the same poor quality water people had as drinking water, as a result the alcohol was safe to drink after fermentation and so it became very normal to drink a weak alcoholic beverage instead of poor quality water that could result in illnesses.  Of course nowadays we drink alcohol for recreational purposes with sales of alcohol reaching billions upon billions of pounds a year throughout the world. We are always looking stylish ways to carry our alcohol and a alcohol flask is a great way to carry your chosen liquid. Alcohol Flask

Alcohol Flask

When it comes to venturing out for a night out on the town or a visit to your favourite festival an alcohol flask is a great accessory, they are small enough to fit into a small pocket but big enough to provide alcoholic relief.  Our alcohol flasks come in so many different shapes and sizes and are just perfect as gifts or keepsakes, don’t just put your hip flask on a shelf and forget about it though, get your flask out, fill it up and enjoy your drink.
Look after each other when you drink from your alcohol flask and always drink responsibly.