Advantages of Pewter Hip Flasks

The Advantages of Pewter Hip Flasks

Plain Round 6oz Pewter Hip FlaskPewter hip flasks add an air of sophistication to your favourite tipple but what are the main advantages to a pewter hip flask?

Pewter also known as the 4th precious metal, is an alloy of Tin ( 92 % ), Copper and Antimony, pewter has been around since the beginning of the Bronze Age.  Here in the UK, Cornwall is well known for its tin mines which started extracting tin in the early Bronze age around 2150BC.  Unfortunately these tin mines were closed in 1998 but pewter is still a very popular material for hip flasks and jewellery.

Older pewter products were known to have contained lead but, rest assured that all of our pewter flasks come lead free and are perfectly safe to drink from.  If you are lucky enough to be given or have handed down to you an old pewter flask then check the production date to make sure it is safe to use.

So why buy a pewter hip flask?

Pewter produces a wonderful mirror image shiny finish which really gives these beautifully made flasks the wow factor. Pewter 8oz Plain Pewter Hip Flask with Captive Tophip flasks make the perfect gift for special occasions as they look and feel like a expensive item of gift ware, you can be guaranteed that whoever you give a shiny pewter flask to will be very happy with there new gift.

When is comes to drinking from your new hip flask you want to really be able to taste the alcohol and not the flask.  Some other metals can give a slight metallic flavour as you sup your favourite drink, however one of the great benefits of pewter is it doesn’t leave a metallic taste in your mouth so you are free to enjoy the wonderful flavour of your drink. Pewter is also an excellent metal for helping maintain your chosen liquid at the right temperature something which is quite important when it comes to drinking a good whiskey.  We should say that leaving your alcohol in your last for more than a day or so will have an affect on the flavour so we would recommend drinking the contents of emptying back into the original bottle at the end of the day.

Pewter is a softer metal and so is best suited to formal occasions and special events where the flask is not going to be knocked around.  Pewter is great for weddings, a night at the opera or perfect for special gifts like a retirement gift for work colleges or even a birthday gift. There really is no occasion that one of our  pewter flasks is not suitable for.

If you are looking for a flask that really stands out then pewter is a fantastic choice.  It has class and sophistication but without the expensive price tag that a silver hip flask would command.