A Hip Flask isn’t just for Christmas

A Hip Flask isn’t just for Christmas

Christmas Jumper Hip Flask 6oz

Our oh-so popular Christmas Jumper Hip Flasks make for the perfect Christmas gift. Please remember however that just because these stainless steel hip flasks come with a nice knitted Christmas jumper, it doesn’t mean that they are not also perfect for other times of the year too.
Last year, sadly, we had a lot of jumper hip flasks calling in to tell us that after the festive season they were just popped to the side and not used again. These poor little jumper hip flasks were feeling a little unloved and neglected.

Naturally, we were a little concerned by this, I mean who wouldn’t be. Here at Hip Flask HQ we are of the very strong opinion that a flask is for life, not just for Christmas. Spread the love all year round guys and gals! Stop neglecting your wee jumper flasks!
After doing a bit more research we found out that people didn’t realise they were allowed to carry on using the jumper flasks through out the rest of the year. Well now you do…..

Thankfully, recent reports have seen this trend lesson, and people have realised they can have fun with their jumper hip flask all year around as these little guys are perfect for taking on any night out any day of the year.
So, don’t be fooled into thinking a hip flask is just for Christmas, these handy alcohol storing containers will serve you all year around and hardly ever complain about it.

Happy hip flask are full hip flasks, so don’t neglect yours after the Christmas festivities are over.

Cheers guys – we hope you have a great Christmas and New Year.

Drink responsibly people.