5 Popular Gin Cocktails

Gin Cocktails

Gin is one of the most popular drinks in cocktails. A well loved drink that can be mixed in so many delicious ways, we are fast becoming fans of after dinner gin drinkies. There seems these days to be a gin drink that can suit any mood and most people’s tastes.

Here are our top 5;

Classic G&T – If you get the right tonic (fevertree is good) and mix with a good amount of gin then mmmm you have a nice and refreshing drink,

Ingredients:G&T Gin – flavoured or standard work
Tonic Water – I prefer Fevertree as it is a little less bitter than standard tonic water
Wedge of Lime
Couple of mint leaves

How to Make:
Place a few ice cubes into a highball glass, throw in your mint leaves, add your required amount of gin and then top the glass up with your tonic water. Stick your lime wedge on the side of the glass, adding a little squidge of juice into the glass to if you like. Leave for a min or 2 to allow the ice to melt a little and for the flavour of the mint to come through ever so slightly.
Bottoms up!

Gin Fizz aka Diamond Fizz – this variation of your standard gin fizz is delicious however can be pretty lethal so just watch how much you drink as I can vouch for just how easy it is to drink….

Gin FizzIngredients:
2oz Gin
Dash of Lime Juice
Prosecco or other sparkling wine
1/2tsp superfine sugar for extra sweetness
Pomegranate seeds

How to make:
In a cocktail shaker pop the sugar, lime juice and gin and give it a good ole shake. NB If you are not using the sugar then no need to use a cocktail shaker, just pop the gin and juice into a highball glass with some ice and give it a good stir.
Pop some ice cubes into a highball or cocktail glass and then strain in the gin mix from the shaker. Top the drink off with your fizz, pop your pomegranate seeds in  and leave for a min.
Sit back, relax, pop your feet up in the garden and enjoy!


Bees Knees – I like this one…….bzzzzzzz.

2oz Gin
3/4oz Honey
1/2oz Fresh Lemon Juice

How to make:
Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, pour in all of the ingredients and shake, shake, shake.
Strain the contents into a chilled cocktail glass.
Simple yet super super tasty and, if you use local honey it helps with local pollens etc. Not to mention that honey is so good for you and helps to keep you healthy.

Monkey Glad  – this is a pretty spectacular drink that really pops. A potentially potent drink but a great one. Definitely a drink to show your friends and family. Not only does it look great but it

tastes great too.

2oz Gin
Dash Absinthe
1oz Fresh Orange Juice
1/4oz Grenadine
Orange Wedge

How to Make:
Coat a chilled cocktail glass with the dash of absinthe by swirling it around the glass. Dump out any excess absinthe (maybe). Pour everything else except the orange wedge into a cocktail shaker filled with ice  and give it a good vigorous shaking.  Strain into your prepared glass and then pop your orange wedge on the rim of the glass. Sup and enjoy.
It may seem like a good idea after a few to add more absinthe but trust me, it ruins the taste and just gets you drunk.

Martini – shaken not stirred although it has been said that martini’s actually taste better when stirred. A classic, elegant and iconic gin drink.

Ingredients:Martini 3oz Gin
1/2oz Dry Vermouth
Lemon Twist to garnish

How to Make:
Take one cocktail shaker and add the gin and vermouth, shakey shakey and then strain into a nice chilled cocktail glass. Pop in the olive and add the lemon twist.
Quite a dry drink however if you add just a dash of lemon juice it can make all the different depending on tastes.


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