5 Delicious Whiskey Drinks


For many, when whiskey is mentioned, most people assume that it is drunk on the rocks aka over ice or just straight up with a dash of water. Depending on the type of whiskey that you have, some are made to be drunk that way but, because whiskey is so versatile, there are so many ways that it can be drunk depending on your tastes. Here we have a few great drinks that we think you might like;

Hot Toddy – feeling a little under the weather and would like a little pick me up, the hot toddy is the drink for you. A drink that has been around forever and know by most around the world and is wonderful when you are not 100%. A great mix of ingredients that make for a very warming and soothing delight.

Hot Water – enough for a mug and a half
Your favourite tea bag
1/12 oz whiskey
1tbsp Honey
Lemon Juice – 1/4 lemon

How to Make:
Heat water in kettle. Start off with 2 cups, one that you are going to use to brew the tea and the other will be for the finished drink. Once the kettle has boiled pour water  into cup as if you were making a regular cup of tea and let it brew to the strength you like the best.

While the tea is brewing heat the other mug with the left over water from the kettle.
Once the glass is sufficiently warm, pour away the water and use the tbsp of honey to coat the bottom of the mug.
Add the whiskey to the honey cup, next add the lemon juice and then pour in the tea (minus the tea bag).
Stir well, pop your feet up and feel better soon!

NB: The tea that you use can be pretty much anything that you like the most. Black and green teas work very well although so does chamomile tea. Experiment and see what you come up with. Many people even skip the tea part. Entirely up to you.

The Suburban – known as a big drink in a small glass, the suburban is a potentially very potent drink if you have more than a couple. Not for the fainthearted that’s for sure!


Varies depending on the size of the glass that you use so have measured via parts.
3 parts whiskey
1 part dark rum
1 part port
Dash of bitters

How to make:
Fill a cocktail shaker about a quarter full with ice cubes.  Add the bitters to the shaker then add the port, the rum and finally the whiskey.  One the liquor is in and the shaker sealed, give it a good old shake. Enough so that you feel the liquid is nicely blended.
Pop a couple of chunks of ice into your preferred glass and then pour in the suburban. So that air can circulate in the glass and help to release the flavours and different smells, make sure that you do not fill the glass entirely.  Perhaps leave about an inch between the drink and the rim of the glass.

Classic Highball – a firm favourite of many.  A simple yet wonderfully warming and comforting drink.  This is another drink that has been around for years and will continue to be around for


many more.

Ginger Ale

How to make:
Fill a highball glass with your favourite type of ice, pour the whiskey into the glass and then top off with ginger ale. I have not put measurements on drinks at all as this is one that should be done by taste as some like lots of whiskey and minimum ginger ale whilst others like just a  hint of whiskey.


Blood & Sand – named during Halloween and for the effect that is has in the glass and the way that the colours shine. This isn’t one that we have tried as yet but it is on the list for sure. Sounds wonderfully sweet.

3/4oz Scotch
3/4 fresh orange juice
3/4 sweet vermouth
3/4oz Kirsch
Strip or orange peel

How to Make:
Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, add everything bar the orange zest and shake, shake, shake.
Once shaken, strain into a cocktail glass, add the orange peel and enjoy! Not one good for the waistline I imagine……

Irish Coffee – these babies can be made with almost any liquor however whiskey is the best and Irish whiskey too! Great for those days when you just need a good cp of coffee but like the idea of the nice little alcoholic kick that whiskey provides. Wonderful on cold days of after a nice big dinner.

5 Delicious Whiskey Drinks - Irish CoffeeIngredients:
4oz nice strong hot coffee
1 1/2 oz Irish Whiskey
2tsp brown sugar
1oz Double cream – very lightly whipped (if feeling indulgent)

How to Make:
Pour the brown sugar and then the coffee into a nice latte style glass and stir until the sugar has dissolved. Once dissolved, add the whiskey and then stir again.
Next we need to get the double cream on top.  Easier said than done as we want it to float and not to sink. Don’t worry it is actually very easy. Pour the cream over the back of a spoon and into the mug. Once it is on top, no need to stir again, just take a seat and drink up.
With regards to the amounts of sugar and cream,  you can add more or less to taste. It really all depends o you and anyone else that you are making it for.

So, there you have some wonderful sounding whiskey drinks.
Which one will you try first??
It is a little cold out there today and I am a little tired from the weekend and so, an Irish coffee coming up!

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