4 Best Scottish Hip Flasks

When it comes to the people of Scotland you’ll be hard pressed to find a more passionate bunch of people.  TheScottish-Hip-Flasksy love their country and why shouldn’t they?  Its steeped in history that dates back thousands of years, is a beautiful place and full of people that have a great sense of culture.  We know that when it comes to celebrating being Scottish the Scots love to have a wee  drink and so we are taking a look at some of our great selling Scottish hip flasks.

6oz Scottish Thistle Pewter Hip Flask6oz Pewter Hip Flask with Scottish Thistle Captive Top

When it comes to symbols that are representative of Scotland the thistle is at the top of the list, being the national emblem of Scotland since between 1249-1286 when Alexander III was reigning king of Scots. The thistle is still widely used today and this wonderful pewter hip flask really brings the thistle back to life.  Using a rolling technique the pewter is rolled before being formed into a flask shape, thus for producing a raised thistle on the front of the flask.  We are able to offer this pewter hip flask in both captive and none captive varieties so you have options to how you favour the design.

3oz-Slim-Line-Pewter-Boot-Hip-Flask-with-Scottish-Piper3oz Slimline Scottish Piper Boot Flask

This is a great little flask.  Modeled in the old style boot flask, this modern interpretation is perfect for fitting into smaller pockets, hand bags or yes even your boot if you happen to wear boots.  Made from wonderful pewter this shiny flask has the image of a Scottish Bagpipe on the front.  When you think of traditional Scotland then you think of the Bagpiper in all their finery including kilt and sporran.  This 3oz flask is perfect for both men and women alike and has a nice shiny plain back which is perfect for engraving a personal message.


6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask6oz Brushed Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Scotland Badge

When it comes to a strong and sturdy Scottish Hip flask I don’t think you will find many better built than this stainless steel flask.  Made from high grade steel and created with a lip design at the top and bottom, this gives the flask extra stability and also creates a stylish effect that makes this flask really stand out.  This flask is finished off with a clan belt buckle badge with the word ‘Scotland’.  This really brings the flask alive and is perfect for any proud Scot.  With 6oz of storage capacity this flask is perfect for sharing your favourite tipple. Don’t forget that the back of this flask is plain brushed effect and perfect for engraving a message.   This flask also comes in 4oz as well as 6oz and 4oz gift sets which includes cups.

6oz Stainless Steel Hip Flask with Pewter Lion Rampart of Scotland6oz Stainless Scottish Lion Hip Flask

This style of flask is very popular, is incorporates a pewter figure attached to the front of the hip flask, we have two different styles in our Scottish range and this includes the Scottish lion and the Scottish Thistle. The Scottish Lion sits proudly in the corner of the flask ready to help serve up your favourite dram. With the options to engrave on the front or back of this flask you can really personalise this flask to your needs.