5 Best Pewter Hip Flasks

Best Pewter Hip FlasksEnjoy a drink from a great looking pewter flask

There are always going to be times when a quick sip of whiskey, rum or gin are going to be needed to help grease the wheels;  from helping to keep you going during a long day spent at a wedding, giving you a warming glow when you are taking the dog for a walk on a cold winters day, or keeping you awake during a night fishing trip.

When it comes to having a taste of your favourite tipple while out and about the humble hip flask is the most practical and we should say most stylish liquor carrying devices. Made to fit in your pocket, a small bag or even in your boot these little guys are perfectly designed to provide liquid relief while on the go.

Lets be honest when it comes to hip flasks the main purpose in mind is to make carrying your alcohol not only easier and discreet but to also add style by accessorising with something that looks great.  It’s got to be said that pewter hip flasks not only add great function but look good while they are doing it.  Lets take a look at the 5 best pewter hip flasks we think will help make carrying your favourite sipping whisky that little more stylish.

6oz/170ml Round Pewter Flask £33.99
Compass Design Round 6oz Pewter Hip Flask

Round flasks have a certain style to them that is unique and speaks of times long ago, pewter really does lend itself to these timeless classic shapes and this compass inspired flask is no exception.  Never lose your way again with this compass flask that is sure to keep you on the right track.  OK so it’s not really going to help you find your way if you get lost but with 6oz of your favourite tipple you’ll stop caring soon enough and just enjoying having this stylish flask by your side.

6oz/170ml Cushion Pocket Flask £43.08

6oz Plain Pewter Cushion Hip Flask

If you are looking for a real classic styled flask then the cushion or pillow pocket flask is the one to go for.  No time to fall asleep on this high class flask that has beautifully rounded edges, producing a flask that really stands out.  No need for fancy designs, intricate artwork or captive tops.  This flask is made to look classic and is very popular in both the 6oz and 4oz sizes.  This flask happily sits in an inside pocket ready to serve you when most in need of a wee drink.  Produced as a plain shiny flask this item looks really good as it comes or embellished with engraved text or logo of your choice.

8oz/227ml Kidney Shaped Pewter Hip Flask with Captive Top £40.75

8oz Plain Pewter Hip Flask with Captive Top
When it comes to carrying a large amount of your favourite liquor, this is the bad boy to do it.  With 8oz or 227ml of pure pewter power this is the biggest pewter flask we sell and is very popular with college and university students as well as wedding parties.  This is a definite must have if you’re looking at having a long day and want something that is going to help satisfy your needs.  The simple plain shiny design maintains an air of elegance, with the added bonus of the captive top you’ll be sure never to lose your cap when taking a swig.  This flask also comes with the tradition cap option for those who have no fear of loss of the cap as much as their inhibitions.

3oz/85ml Slimline Boot Flask with Celtic Knot £30.87

This 3oz flask may have half the liquid capacity as our popular 6oz pewter flasks but it has just as much style. Made to originally fit in the boot of cavalry soldiers these boot flasks are just perfect for slipping into tight pockets or handbags.  With many fantastic designs to chose from these make perfect gifts for people who like to have a slightly more discreet flask but with all the style that goes with any of our pewter flasks.

2oz/57ml Plain Pewter Flask £19.88

2oz Plain Pewter Hip Flask
This little baby is one of the surprise sellers for us. You really can’t judge a book by it’s cover and when it comes to this tiny pewter flask you shouldn’t judge it by its size. Just as much love and attention has gone into producing these little guys, each is handmade and finished with a good polishing to bring the pewter to a lovely shine.  The size of these flasks are just great for getting in a purse, a handbag, a small pocket, under a hat, in a sock, we really could just keep on listing the places this little fellow is perfect for. With 2oz of space he has enough room to store two shots of your favourite drink for when an emergency occurs. These flasks are also perfect as gifts for christenings, naming ceremonies or weddings.

In conclusion: Pewter Hip Flasks

When it comes to pewter hip flasks the list above really is a drop in the ocean (or whiskey bottle), all of these wonderfully handmade flasks are just perfect for so many events and occasions.  So whether you are a dark rum drinker like us or like a nice aged whiskey, any of our pewter flasks are stylish and functional to help you on your way to a good time.  Remember as always to drink responsibly.