3 Best Round Pewter Flasks

Round-Pewter-Hip-FlasksWhen it comes to round hip flasks pewter really is a great metal to go for, it looks beautifully shiny and the workmanship really ‘shines’ through (sorry about that).  We are going to take a quick look at 3 of the Best Round Pewter Flasks and hope to give you some ideas when it comes to choosing a round pewter flask.

6oz Round Pewter Compass FlaskCompass Design Round 6oz Pewter Hip Flask

It has to be said that when it comes to style the compass flasks is well ahead of many of its counterparts, this fun and funky looking round pewter flask oozes fun and by offering a classic compass style shown on the front of the flask.  Always know where you are with this round flask and never have to worry about finding your favourite tipple.  With 6oz of capacity this flask is perfect for hiding away on your pocket for your own drinks emergency.  The back of the pewter flask is beautifully concave and due to being nice and plain can be engraved with a special greeting or message, making it the perfect gift.

6oz or 4oz Plain Round Pewter FlaskPlain Round 6oz Pewter Hip Flask

When people say ‘plain’ you instantly think boring, well think again.  The simple elegance of these plain round pewter flasks couldn’t but further from being boring.  With a beautifully shiny finish these plain round flasks really know how to stand out.  With both the smaller 4oz and bigger 6oz options you have a great choice from a simple quick swig to a larger session flask that you could always share with others if you feel so inclined.  With the option to engrave on either the front or back of these flasks you really can turn these flasks into perfect gifts.

6oz Round Porthole Pewter Flask6oz-Round-Pewter-Hip-Flask-with-Port-Hole

Porthole flasks are a great way to keep track of your drinking, the glass window shows you the quantity of your precious liquid and if you need to top up your flask or not.  Inspired by the portholes on old ships this flask has great character. When filling your porthole flask using darker spirits works really well like Whiskey, Dark Rum or Brandy as the contrast is fantastic, however any liquor will work as I’m sure you’re well aware. Just fill up this 6oz flask and watch as the liquid slowly (or quickly depending on your drinking habits) disappears.  It will almost feel like you are looking out a ships cabin window into a dark and alcoholic ocean.

We have a great selection of round flasks in both pewter and steel so if you want to take a look then check out our round hip flask page. If round flasks are not your thing then we offer a wide range of hip flasks that you may be interested in, from stainless steel, leather and pewter.