‘The Pocket Hip Flask Company’ UK.

Pewter and Steel hip flasks, spirit flasks, pocket flasks.

We sell a wide variety of fine English pewter hip flasks,
Stainless Steel English luxury leather hip flasks and a wide range of other stainless steel hip flasks..

Our beautifully crafted pewter hip flasks come in many different sizes, shapes and artistic designs.

We have made our business to track down the best looking and top quality pewter hip flasks
so we can offer our customers a wide choice of great quality English made hip flasks.

We don’t just stop at pewter though.
Many of our customers also like our range of steel hip flasks.
Some of these steel hip flasks are made here in the UK while others come from other parts of the world.
This ensures we remain competitive and are able to offer a wide range of hip flasks to our customers.
We make sure we only sell the best quality steel hip flask
ensuring our customers get a nice long life from their newly purchased flask.

We sell hip flasks for every occasion and try and offer a flask that suits everyone’s budget. Our standard range of stainless steel hip flasks are very popular due to the quality and price.  Of course we understand that everyone should be able to own and enjoy using a hip flask which is why we offer such a large choice.  Our current stock of hip flasks numbers in the hundreds as we are always looking to find fun and funky, fresh and quality hip flasks for our growing customer base.

Hip flasks are the ideal gift for most occasions from birthdays, best man duties,
fathers day, Christmas and many more.

Our range of hip flasks covers many different styles and themes including Celtic, Sporting,
weddings, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, English and many more.

Women should not be shy when it comes to hip flasks.
We offer a nice range of flasks aimed at our female customers so whether you are looking
for something with a bit of bling, something nice and shiny or just a nice pink hip flask I’m sure we can help.

We incorporate many different materials in our hip flask range.
The use of English Pewter, Leather, Steel and Leatherette (artificial leather)
are used to make our hip flask range really stand out.

We stock a nice variety of  quality Spanish leather hip flasks also including
Spanish leather cup sets and Spanish leather hunters and travel flask sets.
Spanish leather is known around the world for its high quality.

Hip flasks were traditionally made of pewter, silver, or even glass, though most modern flasks are made from stainless steel.  Some modern flasks are now also made of plastic so as to avoid detection by metal detectors.

Hip flasks can vary in shape, although they are usually contoured to match the curve of the wearer’s hip or thigh, for comfort and discretion.  Some flasks have “captive tops” which is a small arm which attaches the top to the flask to stop it from getting lost when it’s taken off.

A hip flask is most commonly purchased, and then filled by the owner.
However, the term “flask” also applies to smallest bottle sizes of alcohol in commercial markets.
Some flasks come with small cups to make sharing easier, although generally liquid is drunk directly from the flask.

Here at The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK we offer some great basic fonts.
We currently offer 6 traditional standard hip flask fonts so you can have your new hip flask, spirit flask, pocket flask engraved.  For people who want to have their hip flask engraved with something a little different we offer 7 unique for options.  Our unique options are fonts that are a little more interesting than your normal hip flask font.  For example we have an Elven style font, we have dripping text, fairy tale, 3D font and many more great looking hip flask engraving fonts that will  make your new engraved hip flask really stand out from any other.
If you have any requests then please let us know and we will see what we can come up with.

We love the traditional fonts that hip flasks have commonly been engraved in but in this modern world where people like things a little bit more personal we have found some great looking fonts that will really make your personalised hip flask stand out in the crowd.

What makes The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK different?

We are not just about selling hip flasks.
We want you to be able to have a wide choice in hip flasks and then personalise the hip flask how you want. We like to do things a little differently to other companies. We learnt a long time ago that people like options. The Pocket Hip Flask Company currently stock over 180 captive and non captive top hip flask and related products. We currently have 13 different engraving fronts for your new hip flask.
If you are purchasing a hip flask as a gift we have made it easy to add extra items to your order.
These includes a hip flask sized satin lined box that will really showcases your gift plus different hip flask funnel options .

When do people use hip flasks?

The use of hip flasks has really taken off again at the moment.
We are not suggesting that people are drinking more, in fact I believe that people are generally drinking less. But where and how people are drinking plays a big part in the use of a hip flask.
We find that many people that purchase our hip flasks are using them when going to festivals, camping or fishing. We sell some great hunters flasks and travel flask that complement camping and fishing trips,
giving you the option to share you favourite drinks with friends and family. We now stock a mega 64oz hip flask which is great for open festivals where you are allowed to take your own alcohol.
Not all festivals let you take in alcohol or open containers of alcohol so please check before filling your flask. Some people even take their hip flask to the opera with them so during the show they can have cheeky drop of their favourite tipple. Personally we don’t mind where you use your newly Pocket Hip Flask Company hip flask but just remember using your hip flask in licensed venues may not go down to well with the management. The Pocket Hip Flask Company UK cannot be held responsible for where you decide to take your flask. Remember to always drink responsibly.